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Einstein supposedly declared, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” E=MC₂!!!!  Many physicists still struggle with elementary but elusive formula.  However, Einstein’s theories and “Quantum Theory” are all tightly bound in every modern day activity-your cell phone, the airline schedule, and my appointment calendar.

But, the “Cyber” (Computer) world remains thick, complicated, given to its own impenetrable language-“Technospeak,” especially to the Non-Geek, and Non-Hacker. Computers are equivalent to having our own rocket ship but few of us (including me!) are rocket scientists.

I’m not an Einstein nor a rocket scientist, nor a 9th level Tech-Geek-Hacker.  I have studied and worked with computers for many years and recently took a slew of classes and courses to beef up my skills.  After taking studying and obtaining my CompTia Help Desk A+ Certification I learned a host of new concepts, tools, hardware and software principles.

I have relished teaching computer skills 1 on 1 at the Tarpon Springs Library for several years.  Topics include how to use Microsoft programs, surf the Internet, research, updating, cleaning, installing, troubleshooting computers, etc.  For more intensive or critical help (“My printer doesn’t work!”), I go to their homes or office. Helping a client locate her Great Grandfather, who died over 100 years ago, with positive results in 5 minutes is an example of why enjoy this labor of love.

One required skills is patience, how to slow down and simplify concepts. The struggle is to make them logical, sensible, and useful.  Students have included Millennials to those of the “Greatest Generation.”  Breaking down concepts, tools, steps, and showing them to my clients and students is the key to success.

This blog shares lessons used with my students and clients.  Also, when a client/student presents a new problem or issue, I research the daylights out of it and prepare a summary of what I have discovered.

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