5 Cyber Gotta Do-s

Here’s my 3 minute (maybe 5!) “Elevator Speech” condensing the most important overarching/main concepts (simple but critical) for the Cyberworld, “Mark’s 5 Gotta Do-S.” (Images courtesy of Google Images).


Stacked books

Library, source: Jan Mellstrom


It is critical that you backup all personal or work files-pictures, music, audio, documents, pdfs, anything that’s important.  ALL computers die.  Without backups you will be locked out by crooks (think Ransomware), end up with a dead hard drive (like mine, 3 times!), the Blue Screen of Death, or 50 other ways…ask Paul Simon!  Remedy: Make backups to the cloud, your spouse’s/significant other’s computer, an external storage drive, or a flash /thumb drive.  Create at least 2 backups and at least one on a Flashdrive ($10 or so) or external hard drive ($50).  “Don’t leave home without it!” If the house burns down, the water pipes break, or someone steals your device, you have your backup on your keychain or in your purse.


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       From Isaac Newton                  To Albert Einstein                  To Stephen Hawking

All programs have updates with the latest version to be quicker, cleaner, faster, and safer.  If you don’t update it’s the equivalent of, “I don’t care, I don’t update, here’s a key to my house, there’s pizza and beer in the refer, my password is GetMe123!, and my ssn is 555-123-4567!”  Or, you might as well have last year’s flu shot for this year’s newest infection!  Fix: First insure the “update” is legitimate.  Check the URL-website address top left of webpage. If the supposed Microsoft update resides at “HackerSpecial.ru” (ru=Russia) stop, nyet! If it reads “Update.microsoft.com/office365,” that’s more like it.  Questions about it-contact someone-see “5. Help” below.



You must clean and protect your programs, documents, system files. You can’t rely on all programs to do this by themselves.  Your lap/cell/desktop has preinstalled software.  There are many Freebie software programs, including CCleaner, Adaware, Spybot, Avast, Superantispyware, AVG, etc.  When do I do it? Answer: Daily! Recommended you buy an antivirus/AV, antimalware program (“Suite”) that’s like a Swiss Army Knife.  Examples: Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, Trend Micro, Avast, AVG, BitDefender, Webroot, etc., $25-$50.  Run these programs at least several times a week and make sure they are updated.  Check them out for example at Pcmag’s Top Ten AV Software Programs

Do this for your programs, documents, and system files. Also, Download the free AV (Antivirus) software from Microsoft, which is available every 2nd Tuesday of each month:  Malicious Software Removal Tool . 


Danger sign on abandoned building

Dangerous Places, source: Stockvault


Don’t frequent risky or unknown websites, don’t dig several levels in a news website, selecting photos of movie stars in bikinis, then digging deeper 4 levels later seeing photos of half dressed young women wanting you to call them!  Don’t answer emails with quick get rich blah blah blah schemes, prodding you to pay $250.00.  That’s equal to having unprotected sex in the Red Light District and you getting Cyber-STDS, “Software Transmitted Destruction.” Crooks are experts in manipulation (psychology) using tools (technology) to steal your (finances) Id, bank account, freeze your device, and make life a living hell.  If it waddles and squawks like a duck but wears smeared lipstick and wants to be your newest best buddy, it’s still a duck (or worse, a vulture!).  Way out? Don’t go in!



Obstacle course with recruits

Boot Camp Teamwork, source: Stockvault

I Need Somebody! Not just….You’re in over your head, stuck.  Ask-Delay Not. Use teamwork!  Find a trusted source, your teenage child/grandchild, (“Dad, you forgot to plug it in!”), your ace techie friend (“Can we meet at Starbucks, I need help with my email.”), or the local library (“the Internet popup says my lap is infected!”) for referrals. Search online.  If your wireless printer stopped printing, Google search “HP Forum Printer 1020XYZ fails to print” or contact a forum dedicated to help members with issues.  Last of all, “Moi, Yo-Me-MT,” at YourCyberTech.com, and click “I have a question.” Email me at Yourcybertechmt@gmail.com, call me, text me.  727-466-7238.  If I don’t have the immediate answer I research it and find an answer or help.