6 More Tricks and Tips



  • Backup your files.  Why?  All computers crash, die, expire and wear out. So backup every time you create or modify a file, such as photos, videos, diaries, financial documents, etc., make a copy and transfer it to your flashdrive (Buy a 16GB at any grocery store, Walgreens, etc). How?  When finished with a file/document, tag it with the left button, right click, and in the drop down menu, find “copy” near bottom.  Double left click “copy.” Insert the flash drive in USB port-a small rectangular slot on side of lap, tablet, or desktop.   Look for the “flash drive” on the left of the screen under “USB” or words to that effect.  Double left click the flash drive to open it.  Move the cursor to a blank area in the screen and right click, select “paste” from the dropdown menu and then left click to do the actual paste.  To safely remove the flashdrive left click it then from the dropdown menu select “eject” and left click. Take your flash drive with you when you leave home as your backup against disaster.USB INSERT
  • Create Shortcut Icons on the Desktop. Why? Save time, steps, and confusion.  How? Example: Right click the photos Icon, select “Create Shortcut” near the bottom of the drop down menu and left click.  The shortcut icon has the same name (and an arrow) as your original folder/document.  See for example below, “10 QUICK TIPS & TRICKS,” and to the side the same named icon but with an arrow and “shortcut” added to the name. Hover over the shortcut Icon with mouse, right click and select “Cut” from the drop down menu, then left click.  Close the window and in the desktop right click to an open space and select “paste” from the drop down menu, left click.  Just double click the shortcut and a window will open directly to the folder or document.10 QUICK TIPS
  • Save a Favorite Website using Internet Explorer Browser. (The process is similar for Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) Why? You found a great website and want to use it in the future without having to memorize its address.  How? Cursor the top right of the selected website, left click the 5 sided Star button, select the “Add to Favorites” box. A popup window will then show the website name and then left click “Add.” Next time on the internet find the website by touching the star, find your website in the list, and left click.
  • Internet Explorer Websites-Sort the list alphabetically. Why? Your Favorites are not in alphabetical order and it take more time to find them.  How? When using IE, select the star button-top right, go down to a website without clicking it, right click and select “Sort by Name” to alphabetize the favorites.
  • Close a Pesky Crashed Program (“Not Responding”). Why? Program doesn’t respond and continues in a “loop,” the cursor just spins!  This happens frequently.  If it’s a document MAKE SURE to save it before you “uncrash.” How?  Hold down Ctrl and Alt keys at same time, then tap Del   Select “Task Manager,” open-double click, see in new window list of open programs and select the program “not responding.” Tag the program, right click, and select “end task/program,” then select “yes.” Close the window.  Note: this may require 2-3 attempts to close so be patient.
  • Set Your Desktop Background The background is the screen you see behind those little boxes-Icons of programs. Why?  Something new to beautify or make more engaging as your background-sunsets, waves, cute puppies, Mt. Everest?  How?  Look for an image you want as a background, touch it with the left mouse button, right click and select “set as Desktop Background” and left click.