5 Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks For Your Lap, Desktop, and Tablet


These instructions work with a mouse or a touchpad. For a tablet or lap with no mouse-click the 2 button combination in the touchpad. “Right click/left click” means the button on the right or left of the mouse or the two touchpad buttons on your lap or tablet. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 vary in the location of buttons and names, depending on your version of Windows.

  • Lock Your Lap. Why? Prevent anyone from stealing/seeing your file, or accessing your computer while you leave the room. How-Hold down the Windows key (bottom left of screen-windows-pic) and at the same time tap the letter “L” on the keyboard. Where do I use it? At work, Starbucks while meeting friends, anywhere. Unlock it? Click your keyboard/mouse and reenter your password.LOCK LAP
  • Take out the Garbage with Ipconfig /flushdns command tool. Why? This command tool cleans out unneeded and potentially dangerous data from hackers or irritating websites. How? Bottom left corner of the Desktop, click the start key then “run” OR type in the rectangle bottom left. For Windows 10: type in the Cortana box (bottom left of desktop) “cmd.” Right click the black cmd box that appears above, select “run as administrator.” Then in the black screen type ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter. Close the command window by clicking the “x” in the upper right corner.
  • Recover the Deleted File! Why? Oops, you made a mistake by deleting that important file, “MyKillerNovel.doc.” How? Double left click/open the “Recycle Bin” icon in your Desktop screen-top left corner of Desktop. Put the cursor over the deleted file then right click and from the drop down menu select “restore,” and left click. Your restored document is now back in the folder or directory where you deleted from. NOTE: Do this BEFORE you use use CCleaner!!!


  • Take out the Garbage with “CCleaner.” Why? Your computer accumulates garbage, cookies, and useless junk. How? Download the free version program by typing or copy/pasting Download CCleaner. Select “free version,” download and install it. Open the Icon in your Desktop Ccleaner-icon, select “Analyze” and double left click. After the program reaches 100% (watch the green bar on top) select “Run Cleaner.” When the window opens up with “This process will permanently delete…” enter “Ok.” Close the program-click the “x,” upper right corner.
  • Set Your Desktop Background. Why?  The background is the screen picture you see behind those little boxes/Icons of programs. Something new to beautify or make more engaging as your background-sunsets, waves, cute puppies, Mt. Everest? How? Look for an image you want as a background, hover over it and right click it-see the drop down menu and select “Set as Desktop Background” and left click.