Copy Photos from Phone to Lap

Copy Photos Smartphone to Computer/Laptop

Connect your smartphone as if you were going to charge it but instead of connecting to the wall socket, put the USB end in the USB port/slot of your computer. In the picture below the USB is on the left and the charging cable end is on the right.


On the taskbar at the bottom of the desktop you will see a manila/light brown colored icon—-in the picture below-far bottom right-it is light brown with a small blue design. See the attached picture and left click that manila icon/box.


At the top left you will see “This PC,” [on this photo of my computer below], “My Computer,” or “Computer,” depending on which version of Windows you have, for example, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. Left click it and you’ll see a window similar to what’s below, with a Windows C drive, D, etc.—–look for the name of your smart phone (in my case Samsung below).  Left click the phone icon/box.


Now you’ll see “Phone” or a similar name like that below; left click the phone icon/box.

4You’ll see 2 or more categories, in my case BlackWhite and Camera-select Camera and left click to get to the next menu. See photo below.


Select the DCIM folder and left click it to open to your photos folder.


Select photo(s), individually, a group, or all. For 1 photo, hover over the selected item and right click, select “copy” in the drop down menu-list of options, then left click.  For groups, select the first photo from the top left with a soft left click to highlight it, then drop down to the bottom of the group, hover the cursor over that photo and hold the shift key (bottom left of keyboard).  To select all the photos hold down the Ctrl (control) key (bottom left) and tap the letter A.  For all of these options the photo(s) will be highlighted.  Now right click and from the drop down menu select “copy” and left click. See the photo below.


Find the folder where you want to copy the photo(s): Look at the photo above, to the far left column of folders where there is a category or folder “Pictures.” If you have used that folder to put your photos in the past, select Pictures and left double click.

Move the cursor to an empty area and right click for the drop down menu, select “paste” in the menu and left click. Now you’ll see the selected photos are being copied.