5 More Security Tips

Help! Who do I trust!

Bank vault

Bank Vault, source: Stockvault


How can I protect myself more? It’s not just a “Brave New World” but a truly scary one (News December 15, 2016, Yahoo email users’ accounts hacked, 1Billion! Yahoo Email Accounts Hacked).  Click the article   Yahoo Emails Hacked!

1.Too good to be true! Looks, smells, and feels like a….(you know the rest), it’s probably a skunk. Don’t touch it! Phony promise you get to share in the booty (kick it!). Do: Mark the email as spam.  If it smells like a skunk it is a skunk!


Skunk, source: Stockvault


2.Doubts about anything??????, it’s beyond you? “I don’t know what to do!” Stop! Who is your local guru-geek-grandson-girlfriend, son, neighbor, or friend who know something about computers, the Internet? Run it by them first. If you can’t decide yeah or nay, DON’T do it, hold off, contact your help and listen to them

3.Call out of the blue? Who the heck are you? (caller!)

Listening to Cell Phone Call

Man using cell phone

Harassing phone call, source: Stockvault

“This is John Davis, we received your request for ……, give me your bank account, social security, date of birth, or policy number?” Note: the IRS doesn’t call you on the phone!!! This type of scam/fraud is called “Social Engineering,” using social media to seek out a vulnerable person.  Example, a caller acting as if he is the repairman asking for information. You didn’t call him. DON’T give the information, rather, ask for his phone number, name, company, his badge, address, and you “may” call back. Ask why he needs it. Call the company first and ask if John is their employee and why they need this information.  See also FTC Guide on Scams

4.Legitimate new business? Is the new ABC Widgets Company an honest, reliable company. They have a “Great Offer.” First check out the company website: are there mispelled wurds, odde language as if Inglish is a secund language? Contact Better Business Bureau, Yelp Reviews, Angies List, and other legitimate review websites.  Google search the words “Scam ABC Widgets” or “Reviews ABC Widgets.” If you search 4-5 sites and they have negative comments, take that as a warning, or if positive, perhaps it’s a safe site.

5.Freebie from a Friend of a Friend of a Friend like a “cool” attachment/free program to an email. Scary! Would you invite this “Friend” into your home without your friend at his/her side? So, contact your friend and ask about the “friend and his email/attachment.” If you have any questions about the attachment, don’t download or open it-delete it. I’d kill it (the email). Any kind of file can carry an infection or malware via an attached photo, a tune, or a word document.

Menacing hand over keyboard

Hacker, source: Stockvault