How to Google-Surf the Net

Surfer on wave

Google Search, source: Stockvault

How to Google Surf-Search (You can watch my Video by clicking this link: Google Search).


The webpage is an extremely powerful free search tool offered Google. The term “Googling” or to “Google” means to use this in searching for any subject, no matter how obscure or odd. To start:

• Move the cursor to the very top of the screen where you will see the webpage address, which starts with Http or Https
• Click the URL/website address (see below) with the left mouse key until the entire address turns blue (you may have to click several times!!) OR erase the address by backspacing all the way to the left and type in “” instead.


• Left click and you will see the address turn blue.
• Let go of the mouse and type in “,” and hit the enter key.

• OR the second way is to go to the middle of the webpage where you see an empty bar below “Google”
• Google search: In the blank bar in the middle of the webpage (see above), move the cursor inside that bar and left click-you will see the blinking vertical bar now.


Practice Search:

• Type in the words “Zen Buddhism” without the quotes (“). When you do a search you DON’T have to add articles or words such as “the and an, with” etc. they are NOT needed for a search and it doesn’t matter if you use caps or not or misspell (unless you flunked 3rd grade!)
• Hit the enter key or left click the search button, usually to the right of the bar.
• Loading: at the top of the webpage you will see a spinning circle or arrow, meaning the computer is searching the internet to find the best matches for your search (programs called “spiders” are hunting down your search). The search takes a few seconds.
• Search results will be in the 1,000s but you can probably find what you needed in the first result page(s), usually 25 websites that may be most relevant). See below, example of “Zen Buddhism” search.

Google Search Result to "Zen"

Google Search Result to “Zen”

• Select a website from the results: move the scroll button up or down, select a website by cursoring to the highlighted part of the website (which is underlined in blue, typically), left click and hit enter.
• You will now be sent to the website you chose.

How to Reverse Course:

Going back to the original search. If you’ve opened several pages in a website, example ordering music on, you will go through several levels or sections. If like Hansel and Gretel, you want to get back to where you started do this:

• At the top left of the webpage find the arrows buttons facing left and right.
• To go backwards click the left arrow and keep clicking until you find the webpage you want or go all the way back.
• Likewise hit the right arrow and it sends you forward. Think of this like turning the page back in a book or to the prior chapter or forward, same concept.