How to Create Folders

Organize your photos, videos, documents, and music!  Make folders (Watch my video by clicking this link: Create Folders).

Concept: Create your own folders to set up places to put your creations-documents, photos, videos, music, and the like.  I don’t suggest you create folders in the C drive!!!  How to do it:

Picture of a Folder in Folder Explorer


  • Open the location where you are putting your treasures-there are already prebuilt folders for this such as “Documents,” “Pictures,” “Videos,” and “Music.”
  • Right click in a blank space on the screen and select “New” then you will see at the top of the opening menu “Folder”
  • Select that by left clicking it.
  • Type in the “Name” of that folder-do so and hit enter when done.
  • Create a shortcut of the main folder (“Documents” for example) and also a shortcut for the subfolders in Music, example, “Rock,” “Classical,” etc. See “Shortcuts” discussion further ahead on how to create them.