How To Do an Adaware Antivirus Scan

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This free program scours your computer for junk files, cookies-tiny files companies gather information from you, from ads., etc.

How to run it:

  • Find the orange icon of “Ad-Aware” and double click to open it.
  • Right side of window, green bar click “scan now”
  • Window appears “scanning,” which may take 5-10 minutes or more. Minimize the window and do other stuff, maximizing the Adaware program every 5-7 etc minutes to see if it is done.
  • Blue bar shows percentage of scanning done, wait until it’s at 100%.
  • When program shows “scan complete” look for “infected objects” in middle of window, if none, close program, you are clean. If bad or dangerous files/objects are found then proceed to delete or quarantine them.