How to Make Backups

How to backup files, folders, documents, and media

Computer screen showing massive data

How to Make Backups, source: Lorenzo Cafaro

Note: If you use a mouse I refer to the left button as a “left click” and the right button as a “right click.”   If you use a Touchpad the bottom left and right buttons below the pad are the same thing (or right and left back sections of the pad if there are no buttons).  See the photo of the laptop, next photo in this booklet.

Copying or backing up your data files, photos, documents, audio, etc.  Buy a thumb drive, capacity of at least 8GB, preferable 16GB at Walmart, Walgreens, Best Buy, Staples, Publix, etc. for $10-20!  Also, you can set your computer to make automatic “backups.” I do that but also backup to my flash drive or an external drive, which I can plug in and remove.  Lastly, you can make backups on the “Cloud,” for example, with “One Drive.”

My method: Create a folder in your computer where you copy all documents that were created today or were modified.  Name it “Backup Folder” or “Copy Folder,” whatever name works for you AND create a shortcut on your Desktop.

Back up documents: Say you created a “Lettertoeditor.doc” today and “saved” it when you were done.

  • Touch it with the left click mouse button, then right click it and you will see a “Drop Down Menu,” with a list of options you can take.
  • Find the “copy” option, go to the backup folder (or whatever you name it) and “paste.”
  • Do this with every document.

How to Create thumb drive backup folder: Create it just like you created a folder above: insert flash drive into a usb slot, a drop down menu will pop up with a choice to “open” the drive-left click that.  Then create the backup folder and close that window.