CCleaner Install & Use

Garbage Dump

Garbage Dump, source Stockvault


Surfing on the internet creates temporary files after you finish your research or search. Those files are no longer needed, or companies have copied information from you. Clean your computer of the “trash/garbage/unneeded” files that you have accumulated.  Here’s how:

Download CCleaner


Download the free version-I’ve used it for a dozen years. If you are on the computer daily, use CCleaner daily. Click this webpage, to get the free version, the latest version being 5.44 (newer versions with updates are created every month or so).

Choose the free version, click “download” and you will find it in the “downloads” folder-open the download which is named “ccsetup544.exe” or a higher number.

Then do the following:

Install CCleaner

Click Ccsetup and watch it unfold: you’ll see “Window User Account Control” which just asks you if you really want to proceed-it’s a protection for you-click “yes.”   A window then appears with blue box and text inside “Install. ”  Click that icon so the program will install itself.  Click the Blue box again with text “run cleaner” click “yes,” if you want to (you can do this later)

Then close any windows that appear from the internet with “Ccleaner” or “Piriform”

Run CCleaner

See the picture below.  Open the CCleaner Icon-double left click it, then left click “Analyze” at the bottom left and wait for the program to analyze your computer to show 100% at the top bar (you will see a bar in green going from 0  to 100%).

Then left click “Run CCleaner”-bottom right.  The program will ask you if you really want to delete, click “Ok.” This cleaning will take 1-5 minutes to “take out the trash” and will show you what junk was deleted.


CCleaner Tool Fix found Issues

Cleaner Cleaner Fix All Selected Issues

Double click the Registry icon, look to the top left and click it, then click bottom left “scan for issues” and wait for the program to show 100% at the top green bar.   When done select bottom right “fix selected issues.” You will see files at top that need fixing or deletion.  You will be prompted to make backups to the files, select “yes,” select “save,” and then click “fix selected issues,” then click the “close” button and finally left click the   top right X to close the program.