Uninstall Computer Programs

Learn how to uninstall programs you no longer need or want!  Click this link and watch my video: Uninstall Computer Programs.

Use the tool or toolbox “Control Panel ” to do this safely and easily.  The Geeks/Experts may know other ways to do this but the quick, clean, easy, and safest way I know of is with Control Panel.  If you are lucky enough to have a shortcut icon on your desktop that looks like this:  then you can double left click it to get to the next window below.

NOTE: If you don’t see the “Control Panel” icon, SNIP CONTROL PANEL type “control panel” (without the quotes!) in the search block or “Cortana,” at the extreme bottom left of the desktop and left click “Control Panel” when you find it.


To see all the tools and find Uninstall, go to the top of the window and right click the “Category” button and left click “Large Icons.”

Next you’ll see the programs installed on your computer.  Hover over the program you want to uninstall, lightly left click it and then look to the top of this window and click “uninstall/change.”


Each program has its own way of asking for mercy, just select “uninstall” and if you want to save data files click “yes.” It may take 2 minutes or 10 until you see  a box popup, “finish,” and when you do left click it.  You may be asked to restart your computer for final cleaning but normally you don’t have to.