Ipconfig Flush Dns Tool

Why “Flush the DNS?” (Photo courtesy of Google Images)  Answer:  So you can find your website!


Toilet with lid up

Flush the Toilet, courtesy of Stockvault

The website “IP” address may change and if you don’t “flush” the DNS cache, your system/computer won’t have the updated address and will keep looking for the old address to find your website.  If you keep sending letters to your brother in Phoenix and he moved to Chicago he may not get the letter!  Same idea.  If your computer keeps looking for the old address-a “time-to-live” tool will eventually erase the outdated address and it will be deleted.  So, like going to the bathroom do this once a day.  Also, check out the excellent article on this subject.  Why Use Flush DNS?

How to Flush!

On the very bottom left of desktop on the taskbar, to the right of the Windows 10 icon/symbol/start button, see the Cortana bar which may contain the instructions, “Type here to search.” So left click in that bar and type 3 letters, “cmd” without the quotes.  (Cmd means “command,” a very powerful source of tools.)IPCONFIG PHOTOS (4)On the top left you will see a number of options, select “Command Prompt,” by left clicking the mouse. See below.


Right click the mouse, and select “Run as administrator” then left click. See below.


Now you’ll see a black small window


In the black window type “ipconfig /flushdns.”  Then hit the enter key.  See below.


You have just “flushed the cache” confirmed by this black window:


Close the black window by clicking the “X” at the top right of the black window.  Good job!