Keys to the Kingdom (Keyboard)


Laptop Keyboard

Laptop Keyboard, courtesy Lisa Fotios


Laptops have many combination key functions where you use 2 or more keys at the same time.  This saves space on the keyboard. 

Alt: (appears in two spots on keyboard for convenience), used in combination with other keys to copy or other commands. Look to the bottom left and right of the keyboards for these keys.

Ampersand symbol @: This is a combination key-you have to use 2 keys at the same time: It looks like this: @.  So, hold the Shift key (bottom left and right of keyboard) down and tap the number 2 key.  This is the symbol you attach at the end of an email address. Example, mine is

Backspace-just like it sounds, hit it once and it erases the first letter to the left.

Blinking bar: this is the vertical line that flashes when you are in a document or doing searches.  If you are typing you will see this bar moving with the letters.  If you are doing an internet search, then you must move the cursor to the open blank bar where you are searching and then left click the mouse.  Then the blinking bar will appear and you can then type in your word search.

Cap Lock: Touch key (note light turns on to show its operating)-use to make all letters CAPITALS, then touch it to turn it off

CTRL-Control key (appears in two spots on keyboard for convenience) used in combination with other keys to copy or other commands.

Cursor-when you move the mouse you will see a white triangle or arrow or hand (when you are not in a document) while surfing on the internet or taking other actions on the desktop.  Move the cursor anywhere and left click it and you will see the blinking cursor where you can execute or make an action, or type.

Del-means “delete” similar to the backspace only it erases the letter to the right instead.

Direction keys-see bottom right of keyboard-left/right/up and down-use to do these directions.

Enter-hit this to make an action.

End-the opposite of Home-this will send you all the way to the right.

F1-F12 Keys-the functions vary depending on the laptop/computer.  Play with them.

Fn Key-called the “function key,” find at the bottom left, for laptops only.  Press this button in combination with a few select keys to perform different functions (purpose varies with the lap).

Home: sends the cursor to the beginning of the line-so if you are 20 words in the middle of a sentence, tapping home will send you to the extreme left or beginning of that line on the page.

Num(ber) Lock: tap this (the green light will go on for this key) and then you can use all the numbers keys to the right-tap again to turn it off.

Pgdn (page down)-use when you are in a document-to move you from page 1 to page 2, etc.

Pgup (pageup)-the opposite.

Router: “black box” supplied usually by your cable company-it connects with your computer with the yellow ethernet cable so you can get on the Internet.

Router cable from router to computer (usually a large yellow cable).

Shift-use to make capital letters one by One-Hold it down then touch key to capitalize.

Space bar-bottom center-tap to insert space between letters.

Symbols above numbers 1 to 0, Hold the Shift key and tap the number-example do this to 7 and you’ll get the “&” symbol

Tab key-moves cursor down to the next field or bar where you can enter data or text.

Turn on computer key-usually at the top of the keyboard-press this to turn on the computer.

Windows Key: bottom left of keyboard, looks like a window, 4 squares-it is a power button that works in combination with many other keys and clicking it alone can open menus.