Clean & Protect Your Computer

Wow, Free Software for your computer!


These tools are free(ware) versions of programs that cleanup, increase efficiency, and protect your computer.  They are also available for purchase, if you want the steroid version, with more tools, power, and flexibility.

You’ll need them!  “Black Hat” Hackers create 1,000s of new programs, worms, infections, viruses, and malware every day. Their goal is to penetrate your security, steal your identify, and rob your bank account.


Hood Hacker facing digits on screen

Hooded Hacker, source: Stockvault

But, none of the suggested programs does everything-you may have the finest brain surgeon in the world but he or she won’t be able to repair a broken arm!  These tools work together like a team of Cyber Doctors to keep your Computer in tip top shape.


Note: I highly recommend that besides installing the free programs below, that you purchase an Antivirus Antimalware Suite such as Norton, Kaspersky, Trend Micro, Panda, and Bitdefender, to name a few.  See Best Antivirus Software for 2016.

So, let’s go get some great free-stuff!

Adaware Free Antivirus  Provides real-time download protection and updated filters against malicious software.

CCleaner  Collects and deletes unused or unneeded files and settings, which take up hard drive space making your computer run slower. 

Malwarebytes  Battles against constantly updated viruses and malware, and blocks hackers and spam.

AVG   Scans to find and eliminate viruses and spyware from thieves, and snoops.

Defraggler  Speeds up your computer reassembling fragmented files by organizing them more efficiently.

Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool  This is like a monthly inoculation against the latest viruses, and computer “diseases.”  You need to download it each month for a fresh round of protection as it is updated every 2nd Tuesday of the month.