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The Proof is in the Pudding with

Cook with berry covered cake

Cook with decorated cake, care of Stockvault

Making an enjoyable pudding from “scratch” requires a number of steps, ingredients, and skill but it’s not a 9 course dinner.  However, it can make a great finale to a splendid meal. So too, a well thought out business plan with an amazing product and/or service can be “Treated” with dessert when capped with a simple but “tasty” pleasing website.

I designed and developed my own website, “YourCyberTech” using the platform.  The software and design tools maximize the ability of a small company or sole proprietor to build a straightforward website quickly and with minimal hassle.  The website connects every page with internal and external links, and attractive (I think!) and engaging photographs.  Maneuvering from one place to another does not tax nor frustrate the user.

Consequently, if the design and layout of “YourCyberTech” appeals to you, call/write to me and let’s talk or meet to discuss the project and approach you have in mind for your Website to be.

You can contact me at: