Windows-Minimize, Maximize, Change Size and Close

Controlling Windows and Programs

Every “screen/picture” you see is a “window”-in this manual you are reading right now you see a “screen” of a page in my manual. Look at the top right of this screen-see the -, two boxes, and an x sign. (See photo above). In virtually every window of any program, document, or website you have these 3 symbols:


  • Dash means to “minimize” or completely reduce the size of the window so it’s moved out the way-useful to look at another program or window. Left click the “-“and the window disappears from sight but is still working-it’s just moved out of sight temporarily. You can reopen or “maximize” the hidden or minimized window by looking at the icons at the bottom left of the desktop. Left click it and it reopens. Cool, huh.

Two boxes, one behind the other: maximize the size of the window it-left click the 2 boxes and your window takes up the whole screen. Left click the single box and it will be reduced in size. Doing this gives you room to do more than 1 act at a time.

One large box:

“X” symbol: left click this and it closes whatever you were working on! If you are working on a document, make SURE to save it first (Left click “file” on the top left side of the drop down menu to save it).