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Student writing in pad, care of Matthew Henry

There are several ways and purposes to “Write to Me.”  See below and let me know how you feel, what you need, and your honest opinions.

  • I Have a Question

  • Contact Me!

  • Set an Appointment!

  • Write a Review  Send Me a Review, for the “Good, the Bad, and …,” you know the rest.  Your honest and confidential comments, recommendations, suggestions, disappointments, and unmet needs can be posted there so I can improve service and “set things right.”  Critique my website, articles, links, design, teaching style, instructions.  Please do this first instead of posting a “Thumbs Down” on Social Media.  That way we can deal with the topic promptly and thoroughly to your satisfaction.

  • Write a Testimonial Send Me a Testimonial, for any positive comments about the Website, my services, our session.  Tell me if you want to list your first name only or last or post it all.  If you can describe the type of  device-lap, smart phone, the issue or problem we worked on, the result of our efforts.  Include anything positive you can think of.  Add comments about my teaching method, knowledge, patience, or website design and usefulness of the articles.